SporeData is focused on automating the process of scientific discovery, enabling you to use the latest Data Science methods in a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way.


Research bots

Our bots automate the process to go from clinical research datasets to a complete Methods and Results section for your manuscript.


Funding attraction

Our research bots will search for clinical research funding opportunities while also providing suggestions regarding innovative proposal designs.


Cutting edge Data Science

Our research bots can implement the latest Data Science methods directly to your clinical research data, extending your ability to address interesting clinical research questions.


Linked datasets

We have connected dozens of publicly available datasets in different clinical research areas. These databases can be used to explore a multitude of unique clinical research questions.

« About us »

We are a group of clinical researchers and data scientists focused in transforming your clinical research ideas into the best possible quality clinical research. Through the concept of a ​virtual clinical research laboratory, you get instant access to cutting edge research design, data analysis methods and scientific writing. All of this in a fast-paced, highly interactive, and affordable process to ensure that you will get the recognition from your peers that you deserve.

Ultimately our goal is to provide high quality statistical analysis methods to our clinical researchers customers to help them get recognized by their ideas and empower their careers.

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Natural Language Processing

Converting free text from the electronic health record to regular spreadsheets.

machine learning

Machine Learning

Generating calculators for accurate prediction of individual patient costs and outcomes.


Image recognition

Using Deep Learning to read medical images, reaching a diagnosis, and evaluating prognosis.

adaptive trial

Adaptive Trials

Randomized trials with the potential to reduce sample size and increase the benefit to patients.


Self-reported scales

Validation of new measurement instruments.

randomized trial

Randomized trials

Sample size calculations and longitudinal evaluation of single and multi-center trials.

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