Turning clinical research into tangible results

Project design and healthcare data analysis for impactful results.

Who we are
Startup specialized in patient-focused data science projects with expertise in diverse predictive methods for clinical event outcomes.
What we do
Designing and executing innovative clinical research and healthcare policy studies with advanced data science methods.
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Our partners
Our partners include academic institutions, governments, and healthcare-related companies in the United States and Europe.
Agile workflow with weekly results for continuous feedback, aligning goals and expectations with the final analysis report.

What we can do for you

We offer remote data science supporting your team or handling full analyses independently.

We offer specialized remote data science services tailored for the healthcare research sector. Our team is equipped to collaborate with your in-house team or undertake comprehensive analyses and design projects independently. Our focus is on delivering advanced data science solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare research projects, leveraging our expertise to drive innovation and insights.

Why choose us?

Specialized in patient-centered research designs
Our proficiency in crafting healthcare research prioritizes patient needs, ensuring impactful and relevant outcomes.
Clinical and data science expertise
We excel in clinical and data science, producing high-quality healthcare research and policies with significant statistical and clinical value.
Expert healthcare analytics
Our adept data analytics team customizes methodologies to suit various project requirements, providing a unique approach to each challenge.
End-to-end project support
SporeData offers complete project assistance, managing the entire research process from funding identification to proposal writing and publication.
Cost-efficient solution
SporeData is a cost-effective solution, providing extensive expertise at lower costs and reduced complexity compared to in-house teams.
Data privacy and integrity
We uphold strict data privacy policies, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and adherence to leading industry standards.
Collaborative & agile approach
As partners in your quest for better solutions, we work alongside you, providing constant feedback and adjustments tailored to your needs.
Continuous innovation
In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, we're committed to staying ahead, always optimizing our techniques and tools.
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Our business model

FTE Allocation

We assign a certain percentage of a full-time employee's (FTE) work hours specifically to your projects for a predetermined duration.

Collaborative Research Proposals

We work together on developing research proposals for funding opportunities through organizations like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the European Commission, various industries, and other grant-awarding entities.