Journal Clubs: Clinical Research Design and Biostatistics Education

SporeData provides free support to academic departments in relation to Clinical Research Design and Biostatistics Education. This support is constituted by three main elements:

Videos and slides with an evaluation of Clinical Research Design and Biostatistics

  • Entirely focused on the article being discussed during the Journal Club.
  • Only 3 to 5-min long, specifically focusing on aspects that might affect the quality of the study results and help you decide whether that information should or not be incorporated into your clinical practice.
  • How it works:

    • Send an email to with the title of the article to be presented at the Journal Club, preferably a week or more before the day of the presentation.
    • We will send you a video with an evaluation of the core Design and Biostatistical aspects of that article, in a language you can understand.


  • You can use the video in different ways:

    • Circulate it to all participants before the Journal Club.
    • Present the video along your slides.

SMS hotline for questions on Clinical Research Design and Biostatistics

  • Drop us an SMS @ 919.627.7737 or an email at with any questions related to the articles being presented at the Journal Club.
  • We will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Questions we cover include:

    • Statistical tests.
    • Alternative designs.
    • Ways to improve the design of a given study.
    • Sample size and power calculation reports.
    • Best plots to display a given result.
    • Funding opportunities related to a potential study.

Multimedia Evidence-Based Medicine: Interpretation of specific types of studies

  • We provide a range of materials to support your journal clubs, including videos, infographics, podcasts, slides, and other media on how to evaluate different types of articles:

    • Randomized trials
    • Diagnostic studies
    • Secondary data analyses
    • Cost-effectiveness analyses

Contact us at