Bots automating the writing of research papers

Writing science is hard work and, based on a lot of current research, the process is also [frequently flawed]. It is no surprise then that most research results presented at top conferences never get to be [published]. But all of this is about to change with the introduction of some new "information bots" that can assist clinical researchers in writing their papers while also ensuring that all reported information is correct and reproducible. Here is how the process works:

  1. A meeting is set with a SporeData researcher, who will conduct an on-line meeting the clinical researcher to learn more about their dataset and what research question they would like to answer. You don't have a dataset? No problem, during this meeting the clinical researcher can instruct the bot to find publicly available datasets in the clinical area of interest to the clinical researcher.
  2. Soon after the meeting, the clinical researcher will receive a report sent by the bot with an outline of the Methods and Results sections of the future article, also including a clearly defined objective and the gap in the research literature the clinical researcher would like to fill.
  3. Once the clinical researcher approves the outline, the bot gets to work. The process is mediated by the SporeData researcher, who will make decisions where the bot might have questions. During the entire process, the bot documents each analysis, the definition of each variable, also generating tables and graphics that are then described in flawless scientific English.
  4. The report is then sent to the clinical researcher along with videos providing additional details on how to interpret each results and the analysis methods used in the paper.

If that were not enough, SporeData also has additional consulting services if clinical researchers might need a full report checking the novelty of their clinical research question, assistance with the translation of the Introduction and Discussion sections from select languages, and even assistance in writing. In other words, we got you covered.

Interested in trying our bots out? Just send us a message at and we will arrange for a meeting with you.

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